Lluís Sans

Amics del Passeig de Gràcia


Lluís Sans va néixer a Barcelona el 1.965 en el si d’una família dedicada al comerç tèxtil.

En 1.988, després de llicenciar-se en Administració i Direcció d’Empreses, va assumir la direcció de la empresa familiar, el comerç Santa Eulàlia, fundat en 1.843 i del que ja va ser soci el seu besavi.

Després de més de 25 anys dedicats al món del comerç, Lluís Sans és un dels experts en comerç amb més reconeixement de la Ciutat Comtal, sent President de l’Associació Amics del Passeig de Gràcia, President del programa Barcelona Premium de Turisme de Barcelona, Vicepresident del Consell de Gremis de Comerç, Serveis i Turisme de Barcelona i del Gremi de Comerç Tèxtil de Catalunya.

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ÚLTIMA VALORACIÓ: 28 - 10 - 2014

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Barcelona Official Guide. The city of Gaudí

Art i cultura Menjar i beure

The must-have app if you want to get the most out of your trip to Barcelona!
- The best visitor attractions
- Offline maps of the city and metro network
- Essential practical information
- Design your own tailor-made trip

Download the app now!


Enjoy Barcelona, the city of Gaudí and FC Barcelona. Enjoy its museums (Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Tàpies) and spectacular beaches, its hotels and restaurants, famous for their avant-garde gastronomy with traditional roots, and its Shopping Line (a shopper’s paradise) of more than 5 kilometres.

- Over 1,000 references and 350 photos

Turisme de Barcelona, through more than 1,000 practical references, 350 photos, maps of the city, the metro and the Bus Turístic, among others, guides the user through the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city and through the colour of its districts; through its fantastic museums and concert halls; its magnificent beaches, parks and gardens; and its offer of fine food, hotels, shops, theatre, music, sports and festivals.

- With all the practical and essential information

As well as the Welcome to Barcelona sections, with all the practical information required for the traveller, and Don’t miss, with the city’s Top 20 and its World Heritage Site monuments, the Barcelona Official Guide application offers the possibility of navigating around areas of interest: Gothic Quarter, La Rambla, El Born and La Ribera, Gràcia, Eixample, etc.; or by themes: accommodation, restaurants, shops, bars and cafes, museums, leisure, etc. In each section the user can select the references in alphabetical order, by distance from their location, by areas or other criteria such as price or type of cuisine in the case of restaurants, by dates in the case of festivals or sporting events, or by speciality in the case of shops.

- Factsheets with direct links

In the reference to each establishment, as well as a readable and accurate description, the Barcelona Official Guide application provides the website and telephone number (and the connection or automatic call if it is online), its location on the map of Barcelona, how to get there using public transport, as well as the timetable and cost if this is the case.

- Choose your favourites and prepare your ideal trip

All this is designed (including a favourites section that the user can create themselves) to plan the trip to Barcelona conveniently and efficiently in accordance with the needs of each person: affordability, cultural, sporting, gastronomic interests…; if travelling with children or in family; if they have a visual, mobility or cognitive disability; days available, etc. It is even possible, if desired, from the BCN Shop reference of the Welcome to Barcelona section, to reserve online flights and accommodation, hire guided visits or buy tickets for museums, monuments, attraction parks or tickets for performances of opera, flamenco, classical music, dance, sporting events, etc.

- Maps

If you are already in Barcelona, with the map of the city, or the metro network, or the Barcelona Bus Turístic and others, and from the references of each monument, museum, building, shop, restaurant, beach or garden in the city, the Barcelona Official Guide application will keep you informed about everything you need, that interests you or which is closest to you, in order to enjoy the capital city of southern Europe 100%.

Have a great time!

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Barcelona: Wallpaper* City Guide

Art i cultura Menjar i beure Compres Viatges i turisme

The Wallpaper* City Guide app presents a highly edited, conveniently packaged list of the best a city has to offer the design-conscious traveller.

The Wallpaper* City Guide app is the fast track guide for the smart traveller.

So if you like to travel in style and are looking for the top hotels to stay at, the best restaurants to eat at, the best shops to browse or need to know what to see in a city during a busy itinerary, then this is the guide for you.

Try before you buy?

We have made two Wallpaper* City Guide apps available to download free of charge.

You can try either the Wallpaper* City Guide: Strasbourg app or the Wallpaper* City Guide: Dallas/Fort Worth app to browse, discover and explore these convenient travel companions.

LOCATE: View the "must-see" landmarks the city has to offer on a panoramic image

EXPLORE: Uncover the insider’s cafe, restaurant, bar and nightclub scene

BROWSE: Get to know the city neighbourhoods on the colour-coded map

NAVIGATE: Find where you are and where you want to go using our interactive map

DISCOVER: Find the top stores, restaurants, bars and hotels as well as the most important architecture and design locations

Concise and informative, the Wallpaper* City Guide app contains the same content that you will find in the print edition but in a format that best utilises the capabilities of both the iPhone and iPad. What’s more, iCloud users can view the app on both their iPhone and iPad without having to buy the app for each individual device.

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Book Style City Guides

Menjar i beure Compres Viatges i turisme

BOOK STYLE CITY GUIDES is a guidebook app with comprehensive information on the most interesting things to see and do in Madrid and Barcelona.

In BOOK STYLE CITY GUIDES you´ll find suggestions on these cities´ foremost sights: museums, parks, monuments, and civil and religious buildings, as well as the trend-setting establishments in fashion, cuisine and day and night entertainment.

BOOK STYLE CITY GUIDES is easy and intuitive to use thanks to its menus arranged by subjects and specialities, offering detailed information and informative photos of each establishment.

It has been carefully prepared to allow users to choose exactly what they want or need on their visit to these two cities.

The shopping section, for example, has a complete menu listing over 25 specialities in Spanish and international prestige shops and major brand-name establishments: craftwork, fashion, accessories, jewellery, footwear, cosmetics, home articles, department stores...

In the restaurant section you´ll find all types of interesting culinary suggestions: contemporary, traditional, market, local and international cuisine.

What´s more, BOOK STYLE CITY GUIDES provides addresses, telephones, web links and other information so you can contact establishments directly to make bookings or ask questions.

BOOK STYLE CITY GUIDES features GPS tracking and augmented reality, making it easier to organize your visit according to where you find yourself or the route you wish to follow.

Let BOOK STYLE show you around and discover the many stylish aspects of two of Europe´s most fascinating cities.

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Barcelona: Condé Nast Traveller City Guide

Art i cultura Compres Viatges i turisme Vida urbana i participació

Nominated for a 2011 Guardian Innovation Award for the Technology Innovation in Mobile category

"Great for generating ideas and finding attractions or restaurants while out and about."
The New York Times

"The format is fantastic, with obviously a great deal of thought and care having gone into the way the app reacts and the intuitiveness of the design."

·         500+ fully searchable listings (Food & Drink, Where to Stay, Shopping, See & Do, Nightlife)
·         Augmented reality technology making it even easier to see what’s around you
·         Offline maps mean no expensive roaming charges while abroad
·         GPS-enabled - so you always know where you are
·          Word of Mouth section packed with exclusive recommendations from trendsetting locals and travellers
·         Audio tours of our editors’ favourite places
·         Updated quarterly with new listings and info
·         Filter options to search by mood, style, neighbourhood, cuisine...
·         ‘To Do’ list and travel journal
·         Sharing functionality to share your travel experiences by email, Facebook, Twitter or flickr
·         Timelines to learn about your destination’s history
·         The latest articles from Condé Nast Traveller magazine about your destination

Be a touch away from the best of everything with Condé Nast Traveller’s guide to one of the world’s most fascinating cities. From the coolest bars and restaurants to the most stylish hotels and must-see sights, the Barcelona city guide is loaded with more than 500 searchable, GPS-linked listings, updated quarterly by editors with the best inside knowledge and word-of-mouth recommendations from trendsetting locals.

Start your day in Barcelona at the best café closest to your hotel:  GPS-enabled, with offline maps, means that the guide can help you find whatever you need, wherever you are at the touch of a button (without roaming charges – everything in the guide is available offline). Get to know your surroundings: plug in to one of the pre-built audio guides to our editors’ favourite places, learn about the city’s history from your guide’s timeline, and read the latest articles on Barcelona as featured in Condé Nast Traveller.  And when it’s time for dinner, drinks and dancing, simply enter your preferences for mood, style, neighbourhood or cuisine to find a place that you’ll love.

The Barcelona guide includes a bespoke ‘to do’ list and journal, so that you can make plans before you have even set foot in the city, and allows you to share your travelling adventures with friends via email, Facebook and Flickr.

"What’s impressive is their Augmented Reality functionality. Simply point your phone in a direction and it will bring up images of nearby attractions, which you can narrow down by type. You can also use GPS to pull up venue locations on a map"

"Condé Nast Traveller Makes Travelling As Easy As Going Home"
"Condé Nast Traveller which has designed a guide to all that´s chic and stylish in the fashion capital of the world. Choose from a host of fashion insiders as they reveal their favourite of the city´s sights from Paul Smith´s essential fromagerie to Angela Missoni´s pick of the most stylish hotels.”

For any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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Mobile Ready

Vida urbana i participació

Mobile Ready is an application of the Mobile World Capital Foundation to identify and collect all mobile related initiatives and experiences taking place in Barcelona. Mobile Ready presents the city’s mobile offering to citizens and visitors as well as information on mobile technology. It also showcases the transformation and improvement of society and business, as well as the enhancement entrepreneurial spirit.

The Mobile Ready initiative aims to bring mobile technology to the city raising awareness by promoting and disseminating its use.

The main activities described correspond to strategic sectors related to commerce, shopping, creative industries, art and culture, innovation and tourism.

The Mobile Ready APP is the tool that will allow citizens and visitors to identify, understand and enjoy the technological offer of the city.

Rediscover and enjoy the mobile experience offered in the city!


Our application identifies, highlights the value and catalogues the different "mobile" experiences in the city all in one place. The ultimate goal of our application is to have an inventory, or mobile assets gallery divided into 4 large sections or categories in addition to specific functions:

- Mobile infrastructure: linked to connectivity and existing infrastructures around the city both public and private (access points, contactless points, free phone recharge...)

- APPS : identifying mobile applications related to Barcelona and helping citizens / visitors with a richer experience in their areas of interest.

- Mobile Experiences: includes experiences that help us enjoy the city offering from an enhanced perspective in the areas of retail, culture and entertainment.

- Mobile Agenda: Identifies the " Mobile city agenda ", containing events, activities, seminars, lectures and exhibitions in which mobile technology is the common thread .

- Own Functions: our application has specific functions related to public participation: sharing and evaluating experiences, games, prizes and promotions related to leisure, entertainment and culture.

The application recommends the best experiences or applications that match your profile based on saved preferences from a custom user profile.

Mobile Ready APP is the best tool to enjoy the mobile offering in the city.