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Foooding. Restaurants offers, bars, cafes barcelona

Menjar i beure

BARCELONA ONLY!!! In FOOODING Barcelona you will find deals, discounts and promotions from restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors, delis, bars, pubs, cocktails, gourmet ... Discover new premises in Barcelona and doubly enjoy with their offers and discounts.

Select the offer you like the most, get a FREE ticket by clicking on "Love it!", go to the local, show your ticket and enjoy the foooding deals! It´s that simple, practical and useful!

Fancy a breakfast in a charming café?, Do you need a wine bar of confidence to surprise your guests?, a dinner at an exotic restaurant?, just a different pastry for next Sunday?, and everything on offer and close to you?

The best restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, ice cream shops, wine bars ... in Barcelona and always on offer, discount or promotion!

Welcome to FOOODING!

If you like our app, please rate it positively and spread the word!

Anything you want to tell us, please write to [email protected], we are happy to hear and learn from you!

For more information visit and check out our fb and tw!

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SOS info

Salut Vida urbana i participació

SOS info has been honored to be chosen and awarded as finalist app at the Smart Congress contest in 2013. More info at:

SOS info provides several utilities to help you in case of emergency.

In summary, the following features are accessible from an organized screen for ease of use to anyone:

+ The summary screen won´t lock the phone.

+ Simple way to show information about yourself:
- Personal data, including among many other data, a picture to your profile and blood information.
- Allergies, diseases, operations and treatments.
- Gynecological information.
- Health insurances.
- Consumer habits.
- Notes and relevant travels.

+ Show in an orderly and clear way your contacts to notify in case of emergency:
- Telephoning to your contact simply tapping a button.
- Sending an SMS or e-mail to your contacts with several options.
• Customized messages including current location, both the geographic coordinates as the postal address.

+ Show in an orderly and clear way the emergency phones:
- Telephoning to the police, an ambulance or the fire department, simply tapping a button.

+ Show the location where you are:
- Geographical coordinates and full postal address.

+ Using alarms and/or flashlight:
- Visual and audible alarms: SOS in morse code using the cam light and sound (beeps).
- Flashlight mode: swap visual alarm by flashlight mode.

+ Location of nearby emergency services (requires internet connection):
- Through the services provided by Google, it will locate the specified contact points, within the kilometers specified by the user, showing the location of them in a map and providing the contact phone, that you can use simply tapping it.

+ Quick access to the help with information about the most important aspects.

+ Simple mode:
- Thus, a person with reduced visibility, an old man or a child, can also make use of the most basic functionality of the application:
• Telephoning to your main contact, and main emergency services (police, ambulance and fire).

Moreover SOS info, offers the following utilities:

+ VERY IMPORTANT, creating ´ICE (In Case of Emergency)´ contact:
- Just tapping a button, it will automatically create the ´ICE´ contact on your address book.
- The usage of the ´ICE´ contact is international, so if for emergency issues, a stranger is using your phone to find a contact to inform about your situation, he will find the created ´ICE´ contact.
- The ´ICE´ contact will include a button with the text "TAP HERE".
- When the user touches the button, the application will be opened automatically and he will see the summary screen with all your relevant information. So the user don´t need to know that you use the SOS info application to find all your information.

+ Management of:
- Personal information:
• Additionally the application provides a list of web pages ordered by country with information about organ donation.
- Allergies, diseases, operations, travels, gynecological information.
- Treatments: can be assigned to all the elements listed above.
- ´ICE´ contacts:
• Copy them from your address book, just tapping a button.
- Emergency numbers:
• By default the application gives you the international numbers 112 and 911, but you can add as many as you want.
- Health insurances, consumer habits and notes.

+ Customize the information displayed on the summary screen.

+ Customize SMS and email messages.

+ Protect edition mode using a password.

+ Data Tools:
- You can create backups and restore your data.
- Thanks to the backup functionality, the application can be used by multiple users.

+ Creating custom background for the lock screen:
- If you have a password on your lock screen, it will block the user that is trying to access your phone to help. To solve it, you can create a wallpaper with certain information.

Extended information in