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Creative Director & UI/UX Designer at MUBIQUO / AMMIGA

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Art i cultura Música

Instalyrics quickly and easily brings you lyrics for any of the songs on your iDevice. Using id3 tags to search thousands of lyrics websites, Instalyrics works for any tune in any language, at any time. This is the most complete song lyric resource in the App Store and now works together with your Mac.

*** Lyrics open in Safari ****

** Featured on USA Today, iPhoneLife, Macworld, MacStories **

How many times have you listened to one of your favorite songs and had trouble understanding the words? Now with Instalyrics on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you have the most powerful song lyrics search engine available on the App Store, right in the palm of your hand. Take Instalyrics wherever you go and as long as you have accurate id3 tags, you´ll find your lyrics lightning fast.

Instalyrics is the first app to offer such a wide lyric pool too, because it searches thousands of websites instead of relying on a limited database. Since Instalyrics has such vast resources, it can easily find even the most remote or unheard of song from the World Wide Web, with a single tap of your finger. It can do it in any language, too. Go ahead, challenge it. Try to find that song you think no one else has ever heard of. You’ll see. Instalyrics will bring you instant results.

If you’re a Mac user, you’re going to love the latest, newest and maybe the coolest feature ever. If you´ve downloaded Instalyrics for the Mac (sold separately), you can now find out what song is playing on your Mac from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Yes, you read that right. Tap your screen and instantly, you’ll see the lyrics for that song on your device.

Have a look at some of the Instalyrics features:
* Super easy-to-use interface
* One touch lyric search
* Opens in Safari
* Finds lyrics for iPod music tracks
* Searches through tens of thousands of lyric sites to locate your song lyrics
* Will locate lyrics for any song in any language
* Will find lyrics for any iPod track that is currently playing
* If no track is currently playing, you can choose a track or do a text search without having to play the song
* Allows you to detect what´s playing your Mac to get the lyrics on your device! (Mac app sold separately)

Song lyrics can be so confusing to try and interpret; but with Instalyrics on your device, those days of mumbling your way through an unfamiliar song are long gone. You will also never have to fake a coughing fit so no one will realize that you don´t know all the words and karaoke will be fun again - not only for you, but for everyone listening to your version (The right version!) of the words. The lyric police can rest easy knowing that you´ve got the right words, and won´t need their help.

With so many songs with forced rhyming going on, it´s never been more difficult to actually listen to the words of a song and make sense of them. With Instalyrics on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you´ll have everything you need to make it through any song, confident in every word you sing.

Download Instalyrics now and learn an old song in a new language. Whether you want to sing in French, German, Italian, or just about any language you can think of, all you need to do is bring the talent and let Instalyrics provide the words.

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City Maps 2Go Pro - Offline Map and Travel Guide

Viatges i turisme Vida urbana i participació

Your reliable and easy-to-use global travel companion. Detailed offline maps, in-depth travel content, popular places, and insider tips. Plan and have the perfect trip!

Why 10million+ travelers love CityMaps2Go:

This Pro version gives you life-long, unlimited access to maps and travel content covering all available destinations worldwide. Alternatively, a free version, which is limited to five destinations of your choice, is available on the App Store as well.

Thousands of destinations available worldwide, covering virtually the entire globe. Should you need a destination that’s missing, we´ll create it for you immediately upon request. Just email us at

Never get lost. See your location on the map, even without an internet connection. Find streets, addresses and POIs – and get pointed in the walking direction of places you want to see.

Have all the information in your pocket. For each destination, access comprehensive and up-to-date information covering thousands of places, attractions, and points of interest. Aggregated, packaged and formatted from the best data sources on the web for easy use on your smartphone and tablet.

Find the best restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, bars, etc. Search by name, browse by category or discover nearby places using your device’s GPS – even without an internet connection.

Find tips and recommendations from locals and fellow travelers. Browse for the most popular attractions, restaurants, shops, etc.

Create your own reviews and ratings of your favorite places. Share tips and recommendations with friends and other travelers.

Create lists of places you want to visit. Pin existing places, like your hotel, to the map. Add your own pins to the map. Add notes to places. Find and book hotels from within CityMaps2Go.

Transfer your personal pins, notes, etc., between devices or sync them to the cloud.

Maps and guide content are stored on your device so they can be accessed at any time even without an internet connection. That way CityMaps2Go is fast and reliable no matter if you have a Wi-Fi-only device or want to save data or roaming costs while abroad.


Some technical information about CityMaps2Go:

Map data is provided by OpenStreetMap – a fantastic collaborative open project comparable to Wikipedia. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide contribute to create the most complete and up-to-date source of map and POI data. We encourage everyone to contribute! As map data quality may vary by region and urban area, please check for details. We regularly fetch updates from OpenStreetMap and deliver them to you free of charge.

Travel content is aggregated and compiled from open web sources like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap as well as partner companies like and getyourguide. By aggregating and compiling this information, we aim to give you one central, easy-to-use repository of relevant information which makes it easy for you to find and enjoy the best places and things to do on your travels.


Ulmon, the makers of CityMaps2Go, are a small team of enthusiastic tech and travel freaks in Vienna, Austria. We work hard to give travelers around the world a reliable and comprehensive source of information and guidance for their smartphones and tablets.
Our passion is to develop highly useful travel apps for people around the world. We’d love to hear what it is you like about CityMaps2Go and how we can improve it for you. Drop us an email at

Enjoy your travels. Your Ulmon team! :-)

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Songkick Concerts - Tour dates and festivals for your favorite artists and bands.

Art i cultura Música

Songkick tracks your favorite bands so you never miss them live.

UK iTunes App of the Week, Cult of Mac Must-Have App, Billboard App of the Month.

Instantly create a personalized concert calendar based on your bands and your location by scanning your music library. See why millions of people worldwide use Songkick to track their favourite bands:

• Scans your iPhone/iPod Touch music library and Spotify playlists to track your favorite artists.
• Get a personalized, local concert calendar for your bands.
• Alerts when new concerts are announced.
• Purchase tickets in-app—never miss another 9am on-sale. Buy tickets on the move (UK only for now), or compare all ticket options and prices for an event.
• For every concert, see the line-up, venue map, and invite friends.
• Browse all events in your location or any city worldwide. Track multiple locations for when you’re traveling.
• Customize your tracked artist list, so you never miss your favorite bands live.
• Browse the full tour schedule for your favorite artists.
• Keep track of your concert plans.

Testimonials and Reviews:

“If I had to choose one concert recommendation service above all the others, I would pick Songkick.”

“With 100,000 concerts on its global database, Songkick dominates the listings market.”
- The Guardian

"10 Best Music Apps October 2013… for lovers of live music, Songkick is a dream app.”
- The Independent,

“A music lover-turned-traveler´s go-to app.”
- Mashable

"COOL: Find tickets, venue information and lineups in-app."
- appolicious

“Songkick isn’t the only music listings site… But Songkick has emerged as the leader.”
- New York Times

“It’s completely free and it’s bloody marvellous.”
- Frackulous

"Songkick will recognize upcoming concerts from your favorite artists in bands in your area based on the scan, and automatically keep track of these in a tab dedicated to your personalized concert calendar."
- Lockergnome

"App of the Month"
- Billboard