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Mercè 2016 Festa Major de Barcelona

Art & Culture Music Travel & Tourism Urban life & Civic Engagement

Mercè 2016: from 22 to 25 September Don't lose track of us! From September, you'll find the whole of the festival programme on this app. For the time being, you can check out early-bird news on the web.

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BCN Visual

Art & Culture Travel & Tourism

Aquesta aplicació presenta fotografies antigues d’edificis i carrers de Barcelona. De cada imatge podem: - consultar-ne les seves dades (any, autor,descripció) - comprar-la en diferents dimensions - ubicar-la en el plànol - marca-la com vista - marcar-la com favorita - enviar-la per correu electrònic També hi ha l’apartat de Realitat Augmentada, que permet localitzar –amb l’ajuda d’un radar- els llocs més propers on hi ha fotografia. A l’enfocar l’edifici actual i superposar la fotografia antiga, es pot veure les diferències modificant en grau d’opacitat de la imatges superposada. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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GREC 2016

Art & Culture

In the Grec 2016 app you'll find all the information about the shows in this year's Barcelona Grec Festival. You can search by genre (theatre, music, dance, circus, etc.), by day or by venue. You can highlight your favourite shows and buy tickets for them. You'll also find the list of all the venues, with the map and all the information to find out how to get to them. Available in Catalan, Spanish and English

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Routes Sant Andreu - Discover Barcelona by walking through itineraries with offline maps

Art & Culture Travel & Tourism Family life

Barcelona has ten different districts. Did you know them? With this app we introduce you to the emblematic district of Sant Andreu and its main points, using many different routes.
How does this app work to help me visiting Sant Andreu district?
• Includes 5 routes to discover Sant Andreu
• Sant Andreu has a lot of visitable gardens and beautiful parks, some historical memory points, many industrial buildings, trade routes, emblematical churches, and selected points to offer you the best information for an amazing trip.
• Every route are available with offline maps (offline).
• Incorporating augmented reality tools for these routes to let you feel at home during this travel, without missing any interest points.

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Art & Culture Education Urban life & Civic Engagement Family life

Amb BibliosBCN pots consultar les activitats que es realitzen a les Biblioteques de Barcelona, saber quina Biblioteca tens més a prop, com arribar-hi, consultar el mapa, horaris i informació bàsica. Tens accés a les activitats destacades però també pots configurar la teva selecció personal. Pots compartir la informació per sms, correu electrònic i xarxes socials. I amb l'opció de calendari pots veure totes les activitats que es fan en un dia concret. Imprescindible per conèixer tota l'oferta d'activitats de BibliotequesBCN.

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Art & Culture Travel & Tourism

Drakcelona is the culmination of a photographic project initiated in 2007 and whose 1st stage is the book "Drakcelona, City of Dragons" by Josep Martinez and published by Arola Editors in 2011. The idea of ​​looking and establish a benchmark and visual aesthetic of the city led Josep Martinez to a search and seizure, throughout the city, the mythological animal par excellence: the dragon. Thus, for over 4 years, he has been capturing all the dragons of the city of Barcelona that have crossed his camera. Today there are nearly five hundred. All different, all local. Nowhere in the world, the dragon is this profuse variety, the result is Drakcelona. Drakcelona are routes in Barcelona where dragons show us the city, its natural territory for many centuries: Drakopolis Barcino, Urbs Drakones or City of Dragons

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TuInfinity City

Art & Culture Shopping Travel & Tourism

Find all the deals we have around you! Get discounts for everything you need, and discover nearby places WHAT WE OFFER? - Deals, discounts and promotions - Tours - Information sights - Exclusive gifts - Finding nearby businesses Download the app TUINIFINITY CITY and discover a new way to enjoy all you have around you. Benefit from offers, see what nearby establishments offer free Wi-Fi, find businesses and places to discover the area in which you move. View, create and share routes of where you are or you want to go. Include in these routes your coupons, companies, or places of interest WHAT DO YOU GET? - Find exactly what you want. Go to dinner with your partner and pay less! Just enjoy! - See promotions and discounts from what you want, when and wherever you need it. You think that cinema is expensive? Discover the amazing discounts we offer you! - Be a Premium customer of your favorite stores and benefit of exclusive promotions. Take advantage of special offers on your favorite places! - Are you going to travel? With TUINIFNITY you'll have the city guide or site that you want to visit: it will report all the places of any city in the world, its history and its location. Be surprised by the curious corners of Barcelona, for example! - No more not knowing where to go or what to do this weekend... As a user you will see routes recommended by TUINFINITY or other users, or create your own itineraries, valuing the ones you like and share them on social networks. - By being a member you will enter sweepstakes and have the chance to enjoy the FREE services offered by our partner companies. Still not want to be one of the lucky ones to win, for example, a free hotel night? ...And all this in a single application HOW IT WORKS? - Find the offer that interests you - Purchase your coupon and pay nothing yet - Go to the establishment and enjoy your offer - Redeem and pay right there Launch in Barcelona! Registerer in TUINIFINITY will be one of the best decisions you've ever made You can also become a fan on Facebook to keep abreast of all the news in https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tuinfinity/487348101401164, or follow us in Twitter @TuinfinityCity

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Vintage City Views Barcelona

Art & Culture Photo, Video & TV Travel & Tourism

Vintage City Barcelona is not a traditional guide. What makes it different, novel and original is that it allows you to follow the physical and historical evolution of the most emblematic sites and buildings of Barcelona, directly down on the streets or just from home, through more than 1000 geolocalised photographs ranging from 1860 to 1940.

The travel, photography, architecture and history lovers, or simply the old times lovers, will enjoy discovering how looked one hundred years ago more than 250 streets, squares, buildings and commercial establishments of this city, and how they have been transformed over time. You also will be able to visit the gorgeous interiors of a golden period which have survived thanks to the early photographic techniques.

The pictures are accompanied by a short historical and architectural description of the most remarkable sites and buildings.


The Barcelona City Council provides one of the biggest free public WIFI network in Europe.

Main features:
- Interactive map with over 250 interest points
- Option to enable GPS
- Adjustable location radius for the interest points
- Alarm and/or vibration signal for proximity to the interest points
- Alphabetical interactive list of the interest points
- More than 1000 pictures arranged chronologically
- Tactile enlargement of the pictures
- English, French, Spanish and Catalan texts
- Link to the current interest point with Google Street View

The app is regularly being updated with new photographs and new points of interest.

Set up the location radius and the alarm signal… and start discovering the city!

For any questions, remarks, contributions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us at vintagecityviews@gmail.com

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Primavera Sound

Art & Culture Music

Primavera Sound official application for mobile devices with information about the festival, the professional meeting PrimaveraPro and other events organised by Primavera Sound all year round. Find all the information about artists, concerts and schedules, create your own personalised minute-by-minute route and use the alarm system to optimise your time and avoid missing any of your favourite bands. Find out before anyone else and at all moments all the news and any last-minute changes thanks to the “push” service. Find the different areas on the maps. Listen to the music of the artists playing at the festival on Spotify. Visit the official profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Buy your tickets for Primavera Sound's events and concerts. Powered by Greencooper and Heineken and available for download free in English, Spanish and Catalan.


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