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About us

We love Barcelona and we love apps. We think that apps are more than a nice passtime or a practical utility. Apps are small solutions for everyday problems - sometimes small ones sometimes biiiig ones-. This is why we have created Apps4Bcn: to help you live a better life in the city!

Who is behind Apps4Bcn? Who is behind Apps4Bcn?

Apps4Bcn is a unique partnership between the City of Barcelona and Dotopen S.L., a small Startup in Bcn with a big vision: to build a better world with apps!

Who is behind Apps4Bcn? How does this work?

We have created a network of experts that choose and evaluate apps. Experts come from all places, some are experts in a category like sports, some are working in the app industry and some are just app lovers! You can become one yourself!

Join us!