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Universal Doctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio

Universal Doctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio

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UniversalDoctor Speaker is a multilingual application providing medical translations with audios across 13 languages to facilitate communication between patients and health care personnel who do not share a common language.

UniversalDoctor Speaker can be used by travelers as well as healthcare personnel to communicate with foreign patients.


If you travel to a foreign country and you´re concerned a doctor may not understand you, UniversalDoctor Speaker can help you communicate at the time you need it most. Feel more secure when you travel with UniversalDoctor Speaker in your pocket.


If you are a healthcare professional that interacts with patients from foreign countries, UniversalDoctor Speaker can help you communicate with and understand your patients’ needs.


Chinese Mandarin Simplified
Moroccan Arabic


1) Thousands of Verified Medical Translations with Audios

UniversalDoctor Speaker comes with over 5,500 medical phrases with accompanying audios by native speakers.

This content has been carefully reviewed by a variety of medical professionals, professional linguists and translators, and different medical associations.

UniversalDoctor Speaker for iPhone/iPad is built off of the UniversalDoctor global multilingual medical translations web platform used by Hospitals, Governments and Healthcare Professionals around the world.

2) Works Offline

Once downloaded, all the translations and audios are on your device for offline use - no need for WiFi or a data connection to use the app on the go.

3) Search Function

Looking for a particular phrase? Use the search bar to find exactly what you want to say.

4) Translations Organized to Facilitate Your Medical Visits

Content is organized into various medical chapters to help facilitate multilingual medical consultations. Patients can use the app to describe:

• Immediate medical needs
• Symptoms
• Medical history
• Or ask questions regarding medical treatment

The app also communicates:

• Anamnesis of symptoms by system and specialty
• Physical examination procedures
• Diagnosis
• Treatments

5) Continuous Updates with New Languages, Content and Features

Buy UniversalDoctor Speaker and gain access to continuous (always free) updates, including new languages, phrases, features and more. No matter how many new languages we add, your updates will always be free.


Getting Started:
Select the patient and doctor language in the app to begin communicating!

(In the iPhone app, click on the blue language bar at the top of the screen to choose the languages of the patient and doctor.) .

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