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StoryMark. Pictures That Tell Your Story. Best of all, StoryMarks are made in just 3 easy steps: 1) Take a picture with your iPhone camera, grab one from your photo library, or download an image off the web 2) Record your voice or any sound, and attach it to create your StoryMark 3) Save your StoryMarks for yourself, share with friends & family, or the world via Facebook, email, and text (more options coming soon!) Features: Marks are created on your phone – keeping your photos private until you decide to share them. Easily use photos in several ways: -straight from your iPhone camera -from your iPhone photo library -grab a funny photo from the Web -select the first frame of a movie from the photo library -reuse a previously made Mark image Record up to 30 seconds of audio to add to your photo Easy-to-view timer to monitor recording time Ability to re-record if you make a mistake View all your saved Mark thumbnails (along with the audio length) in one list for easy identification Share your Marks via multiple networks including Facebook, email, and text Easy feedback form in "info" to send us requests for new features (we love feedback!) When to use the StoryMark app: 1) Adding voice to your pictures and capturing memories to last a lifetime - your children taking their first steps, adding personalized messages from parents and grandparents to archive older photographs, the possibilities are endless! 3) To send personalized StoryMarks for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 4) Remember that wonderful dish and share with your social networks 6) StoryMark where you placed special mementos so you never forget 7) When networking with colleagues and prospective employers – send a personal message with your headshot .

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