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*** Treegonometry creates perfect Christmas tree *** If you´ve found your ideal Christmas tree but want to ensure you use the appropriate amount of decorations then this App will have the answer.
Festive maths students Nicole Wrightham and Alex Craig, both aged 20, from the University of Sheffield, created the formulas for the perfect Christmas tree.
Nicole said: “The formulas took us about two hours to complete. We hope the formulas will play a part in making Christmas that little bit easier for everyone."
This App allows optimize and to be savvy when buying the Christmas decorations, as it can calculate how much you need to create a beautifully decorated tree.
*** Christmas tree facts *** The world´s tallest Christmas tree would, at 2,600ft tall, need more than 16,000 baubles, over 4,000 meters of tinsel, almost 2,500 meters of lights, and an 80 meter tall star.
On 2012 Trafalgar Square tree was 21 meters tall, meaning it would need 433 baubles, over 100 meters of tinsel, 65 meters of lights and a two meter tall star.

Versió gratuïta disponible en Anglès, Castellà i Català.