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★ LabyMania was recently nominated "Nordic handheld game of the year" ★★★ SAID ABOUT LABYMANIA ★★★ ❞ the iPhone App Review: "Labymania is a great puzzle game for people who don’t mind a mental workout" - rating: 9 out of 10! ❞ Politiken (biggest danish newspaper): "The idea behind LabyMania is brilliant, the design is testimony of devoted craftsmanship. […] It is a masterpiece." - rating: 6 out of 6! ❞ Touch arcade: LabyMania is elected Hidden Gem (November 2009) ❞ User experience: "Totally enjoyable! Stellar game" ★ LabyMania has achieved #1 board game, #1 puzzle game and #10 BEST-SELLING GAME in Denmark! ★★★ LABYMANIA+ ★★★ LabyMania+ is the iPad-ready version of the successful LabyMania (on iPhone, it is identical to LabyMania). LabyMania is a fun, addictive and challenging puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. The challenge is simple: Manipulate your way through the labyrinth to collect the treasures. You can play alone, against up to 3 of your friends, or try to beat the LabyManiac artificial intelligence. Although it is a simple game, LabyMania offers hours of fun, head-scratching and bewildering trials to find and construct your way through the ever-changing labyrinths! Go to http://www.amygdala.dk/LabyMania to see a video of the game. ★★★ FEATURES ★★★ ➔ An easy-to-follow tutorial describes the game mechanics and twists. ➔ Single player brain-teasing puzzles. ➔ Partyplay against up to 3 of your friends. ➔ Challenge the LabyManiac artificial intelligence with 4 different skill levels. ➔ Original atmospheric graphics and sound. ➔ Ingame help. ➔ Share your progress with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. ☛ Get LabyMania now - or try out LabyMania FREE! Updates will follow regularly: More levels - more fun! More languages will be available, as well as additional skills levels for the LabyManiac artificial intelligence. Undo is almost complete, so it will be safe to mess up a little. .

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