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KMetrix is the newest calculator for triathlon sports

You can calculate the time, distance, pace and speed of your favorite sports.
A simple and intuitive app that helps you to plan all your objectives with a touch of fingers.

-Units In metric system
-Activities up to 100km
-Activities up to 25 hours
-Calculate your swiming speed in minutes/100m
-Calculate your bike speed in km/h
-Calculate your running pace in min/km

"At what pace i have to run in my next 10k race if I want to to arrive in 40minutes?”
-> 4’/km
"What will be my finishing time in my first marathon if i run at 5’33”/km?”
- > 3h54’26"
"How fast i swam if i finished the 3,3km open water race in 56’13”?”
- > 1’42”/100m .

Versió gratuïta disponible en Anglès.