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Goodshows - Discover Movies & TV Shows with Friends

Goodshows - Discover Movies & TV Shows with Friends

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“The best app ever.” - Mom.

Imagine never getting bored ever again. Meet the world´s premier social network for TV geeks and movie fanatics. Goodshows allows you to discover your next favourite show and also discuss current favourites by following your friends and other like-minded people, rate and review shows you’ve watched, keep track of new episode releases of your favourite shows by adding them to the watchlist and also share your reviews and ratings on Facebook and Twitter.

Goodshows lets you:
1. Follow your friends and like-minded reviewers to discover new movies and shows to watch, and discuss old favourites.
2. Rate and review all the shows that you watch and let the world know your opinion on the latest flicks.
3. Keep track of all your favourite shows by adding them to your watchlist and get notified as new episodes are live.
4. Keep an eye on what your friends are watching at all times.
5. Share your ratings and reviews with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If this app did anything more in version 1.0, Netflix would probably just buy us out in an all-cash deal worth $42 million, and Sid can buy his Gallardo and Mike would probably buy a ranch in Texas and I will most definitely retire to my private island in the Middle East and then this app would probably die a slow death, and then you´d just outrage on Twitter and sign inconsequential petitions, search all over for an app just like this (and you´ll never find one because I searched too) and just be so so sad. And it just breaks my heart when I see you sad. So I guess this is all there is. For now ;)

We’d love to hear your feedback. Reach out to us @GoodshowsApp on Twitter if you’re having issues or let us know what features you like, what features you don’t like and what features you’d like to see. If you love us, make sure you rate us on the Appstore! .

Versió gratuïta disponible en Anglès.